Gennady Khvorykh Hello! I’m Gennady Khvorykh, an aspiring data scientist, copywriter and presenter from Moscow, Russia.

Back in 90th I have graduated Moscow State University (MSU), Department of Chemistry with Honor Diploma. Then I received a profound working background in the field of mass media, serving as TV presenter and copywriter since 2003. I have expertise in the content and event marketing as well.

Data changed our life. We live in data driven world. Once I realized a passion to be a part of it. I learned R language, as well as refreshed Theory of Probability and Higher Mathematics, I studied at MSU. I see in the front of myself a wonderful endeavor to become a data scientist. That is the equation I have in store.

Data + Math + Programming = Data Science

Now I take an amazing The Data Science Specialization at Coursera. It is 9 module course including capstone project. The course is prepared by Johns Hopkins University.

Stuck with data in your project? Need working hands to make your raw data to become tidy? Or need someone with good knowledge of R language to delegate data related routines? I will be glad to assist! Just send me a message on the Contacts page. I will reply within 24h.

Let’s see what benefits resulting from big data look like for you!